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Meet Pamela Reimer

Registered Massage Therapist

Pamela photoBorn from personal experience with injury and healing, Pamela found her calling in massage therapy. Years ago, she suffered from a pinched nerve for nine months with pain that was so bad she couldn’t hold her pool cue, and she was the team captain. Finally, she got help for her pain from a massage therapist and acupuncture doctor. After five weeks of treatment, she healed and thought, “I’ll go to school for this!”

Offering Many Methods to Help Her Clients

Pamela earned a degree from Everest College and has years of experience working in different clinics. She brings a broad skill set to the table, with a repertoire ranging from clinical to sports massage. Pregnant clients also find comfort under her knowledgeable hands.

Pamela’s therapy is not only about addressing injury or tension. She is passionate about using massage as a tool for overall health improvement. “I love the rewards of knowing I’m helping people this way.”


An Advocate for Holistic Health

Beyond her massage therapy work, Pamela also strongly advocates holistic health. She has a wealth of knowledge and is constantly learning about new health supplements and products, including essential oils. She only recommends what she has tried and loved herself. Pamela also tells clients to research products, read the reviews, and speak to their doctor about them.

Artistic Spirit and Community Love

When Pamela isn’t in the clinic, you can find her immersed in the arts. As an aspiring actor and singer, she channels her creativity into studying the human condition, much like in her therapy. As enthusiastic about her community as she is about her craft, she loves the local vibe and people.

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