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Meet Ameeta Patel, PT

Ameeta-picFor Ameeta, the interest in becoming a physical therapist was sparked after completing the 12th grade when she began assisting her grandmother, mother, and father. Helping them fueled her desire to contribute to others’ well-being and health care.

Education and Experience

Ameeta studied physical therapy in India and graduated with her degree in 2007. Her experience spans various sectors, including hospitals, geriatric centers, rural areas, and private clinics. In 2020, she moved to Canada and earned her PT credential in September 2022.

A Passion for Helping Patients

From expert diagnosis, to treatment and disease prevention, Ameeta helps our patients grow stronger and more independent by focusing on the systems of the body related to movement and muscle strength.

What she loves most about being a physical therapist is hearing how satisfied patients are with their care and results. “I love to hear from patients that I could help them and make their lives better and more enjoyable.”

Providing Pelvic Floor Therapy

Ameeta has a deep interest in pelvic floor therapy. She has undergone training in India and recently became certified in Canada. She is excited to use this expertise to help female patients in the future.

Outside the Practice

When she’s not working, Ameeta enjoys spending quality time with her two young sons. They’ve embraced ice hockey and skiing, and love playing in the snow. She also enjoys spending quality time with her boys and husband, taking long walks, or anything else that makes them happy! Those are the moments that refresh her. Another favorite activity of hers is reading. Ameeta gravitates toward self-help, healing, and spiritual books that reflect her cultural heritage.

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Ameeta is delighted to be a part of the Stevenson Chiropractic & Wellness team. She admires the team for their cooperation and knowledge and feels privileged to be part of such a dedicated group.

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