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Meet Alexandra Carnegie, RMT

alexandra-carnegieAlexandra’s passion for helping others achieve their best physical health began with her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She provided a lot of sports-specific care and was initially drawn to chiropractic, but she found her true calling in massage therapy and got her training from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy (CCMH) in Halifax.

Why Massage Therapy?

Alexandra chose massage therapy to aid people in overcoming physical stress and fitness challenges. She finds it rewarding to help people regain their physical health and well-being. Injuries often take a toll beyond the physical, impacting a person’s overall quality of life. Alexandra’s approach addresses both the psychological and physical aspects of recovery, making her treatments holistic.

Joining the Practice Team

As a member of Stevenson Chiropractic & Wellness, Alexandra brings her expertise and passion to a family-run clinic known for its patient-centric, collaborative approach. She values the clinic’s open-door policy and commitment to continuous education and improvement.

Being Dr. Spencer’s cousin, Dr. Scott’s niece, and part of a family deeply invested in health care, Alexandra is excited to contribute to the team’s multidisciplinary methods, which ensure that patients receive the best possible care.


Techniques and Expertise

Alexandra is trained in general Swedish massage, which includes, among others, fascial techniques, frictions, proprioceptive techniques, and passive annular stretching (PAS).

She integrates her kinesiology background into her practice, focusing on body mechanics and physical education. Additionally, Alexandra offers cupping therapy and Gua sha, constantly expanding her skill set through continuing education.

Outside the Clinic

When she’s not helping clients at the practice, Alexandra enjoys an active lifestyle. She loves going to the gym, participating in outdoor activities like golfing, soccer, hiking, and swimming, socializing with friends, and attending live music events. She also loves spending time with her dog, Tucker, a Pekingese, who keeps her company and brings joy to her life.

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